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Drum Cafe North America delivers unforgettable, unique, wow factor team building programs.
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Engaging Live Team Building

We deliver unforgettable rhythmic experiences in any location, using a variety of room settings, for any group size. We bring over 25 years of drumming and percussive knowledge, a deep understanding of neuro-science and its benefits as a result of drumming, as well as team and leadership skills and expertise. All of our programs are fully scalable (10 minutes to full days), completely customized based on your specific pain points, objectives and desired outcomes, AND will leave your audiences highly energized, inspired, transformed and talking about their experience for years to come.


Interactive Keynote

Consultative keynotes are typically 45-60 minutes in length.  Every audience member receives a drum (or other instrument) to use during the program. We can deliver this experience in any location, with any audience size, in a variety of room layouts.  After completing a content intake form, and having discussions with our trained facilitators, each program is customized to integrate your groups core themes, messages, and overall content into the program.  These Interactive Keynote programs have been used, by our many clients as conference/meeting openers, closers, or placed in the middle in order to break up the didactic momentum.

Read testimonials from our many satisfied clients who come from all different companies across every industry vertical.

Note: You can also purchase a drum and customize it with your company logo on the head of the drum allowing each participant to walk away with their own instrument, which is a reminder of the energy they experienced and created during the program.

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Symphony of Rhythm


Symphony Of Rhythm

Our Symphony of Rhythm Program is typically 15-30 minutes in length. Participants use colored percussion sticks, which are tuned on a pentatonic scale, to make music and harmonize as one.  Each of the colors has a specific note/rhythm and can represent company core values, working principles, leadership tenets, functions, goals and the like.  These will be determined in conversations with our expert facilitators.

This program offers the value of focusing on the collective energy of the entire group and on the individual contributions of each attendee, in a unique and melodic way. Both as an addition to our Interactive Keynote program and as a stand-alone program (typically opening or closing a conference as a bookend), this percussive interactive is both engaging and fun! By giving every delegate a percussion instrument, we transform the audience into one massive musical orchestra.

Note: You can also purchase boomwhackersTM and customize them with your company logo allowing each participant to walk away with their own instrument, which embodies the excitement and rhythm created during the experience.

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Claps, Snaps and Bumps

Body Percussion

This program is typically 10-15 minutes in length.  No instruments are needed.  These programs deliver a high-energy performance as well as incorporating the sounds and movement of the audience. It is completely interactive, upbeat and energetic. Sometimes we use a human beatboxing artist, demonstrating the power of the human voice in producing funky drum machine beats.  It gets delegates moving, puts them straight into their bodies as they use their own hands, feet and hips as percussive instruments. They will snap, clap, and stomp their way into a beautiful groove! As with all of our programs, high-level and relevant content/messaging can be woven throughout the interactive session.

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Pulse of Innovation

Our latest multi-sensory drumming experience celebrates innovation – from its early rumbles to the final realized moment that transforms the world forever. We use drumming as a narrative and a metaphor. A 20-30 minute program, The Pulse of Innovation incorporates an energetic drum call, call & response, a spoken word piece, and masterful weaving of customized content and themes. We start in Africa, the birthplace of drumming, and end in a crescendo of modern digital beats that incorporates a full drum kit and ensemble playing that includes the audience jamming to the finish. It’s an awesome program that invigorates teams with positivity and creative energy.

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Team-Can-Jam Cajon


Team-Can-Jam Cajon Program

The cajon originated in Peru, where – legend has it – African slaves played their rhythms on packing boxes when their captors banned drums. Again, a box is sonically suitable to be repurposed into an instrument, especially when it includes a snare. In this hands-on event, attendees start off building their own musical instruments while the Drum Cafe North America team provides a musical backdrop. When ready, a facilitated drumming program ensues. The carton cajons are assembled quickly and make fantastic giveaways.

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Buckets and Sticks

Crowd Moving Crash Program

Through history, percussionists have made music using whatever they can get their hands on! And these days, plastic buckets are readily available- and they sound amazing. Participants play 5-gallon paint buckets with drumsticks creating an energetic, participatory program following a choreographed syncopated performance piece. The use of these repurposed plastic buckets as veritable musical instruments celebrates the notion that innovation and adaptation are essential in life and in the workplace. Welcome to the world of “urban style” Bucket Drumming!

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