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Drum Cafe North America delivers unforgettable, unique, wow factor virtual team building experiences.
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Engaging Virtual Team Building

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, we now provide our Professionally Facilitated, Fun Filled Drumming and Rhythmic Programs virtually. These highly engaging and interactive VIRTUAL PROGRAMS are for everyone to enjoy in the safety of their own space. We have found, during these stressful times, there is nothing like a Fun Filled Drumming Experience to Uplift your Spirits and Connect with your colleagues. This is perfect for Homeschooling parents to enjoy with their children as well.

As this is new to most organizations, we can walk you through the steps needed to have a successful interactive drumming experience for your participants. Like everything in life, once you know how, it will be so easy.

We can do individual participants while they stay in their rooms, offices or homes, or we can accommodate one large group in an auditorium. We will suggest different types of household items to use as instruments that can be found in your home or office. And we offer sanitized instruments to be delivered to one location to be distributed to your teams at their home spaces.

We have been invited on more than one occasion to partake in virtual gatherings of our clients who want a connection beyond the digital. Just last Friday, an enterprise sales leader for a technology company invited us to join their ‘virtual happy hour’. Her team from New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Orlando and parts in between pitter-pattered on desks, hit buckets with soup spoons, clapped their hands and shared their voices while we drummed the beat back into their lives over a Zoom/Teams/Webex teleconference room!

30-45 minute session

Engaging and Interactive Virtual Drumming Session

We begin with a drum call performance, which segues into an energizing and inspiring interactive program to set the tone for the gathering! We will instruct every attendee to find household implements in their homes (e.g., kitchen utensils, jars of popcorn, metal and glass bowls etc.) to use as drums for play. We will facilitate a process where people can connect and collaborate through the universal language of rhythm and music. The practice of drumming allows everyone to relate easily to one another, transcending the spoken word; bridging professional, cultural and personal gaps that may exist between individuals; and focusing on the mission or purpose of the group as a whole. We will weave high-level messaging (supplied by you through a bespoke intake form) throughout the program to make the experience not only powerful and compelling, but relevant to all those in attendance.

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Symphony of Rhythm

30-45 minutes

Engaging and Interactive Symphony of Rhythm Virtual Program

In this harmony-rhythm interactive session, participants play boomwhackers (tuned percussion tubes). The boomwhackers cover the pentatonic scale, letting players hear their individual voices contributing to a greater, organizational whole. Each color can represent one of five core values, or 2021 goals, and when all are working together in harmony, the power is palpable.

Boomwhackers will be sent to one location to be distributed to participants.

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45-60 minutes

Engaging and Interactive Team-Can-Jam Cajon Program

A cajon, or wooden box, is rooted in ancient Afro-Peruvian culture. Sonically suitable to be repurposed into an instrument, the “box” offered a means of instrumentation where there was none. In our new program offering, we join together with attendees to craft individual cajon instruments. This DIY activity is meaningful and purposeful and engages the program participants in a much more personal way.

Our expert facilitator(s) and professional musicians drum your group into their virtual rooms and then engage in a pulse-pounding 5- to 10-minute performance. Individuals, (who have been sent a DIY cajon) are shown how to construct their cajons and decorate them. Once the cajons are designed and ready, the 30-45 minute facilitated interactive jam session begins.

This session is filled with high-impact messaging and knowledge transfer.  Our facilitators are an extension of your team – internalizing company goals and helping them be better aligned and more unified as a whole.

DIY Cajons and paint sticks will be sent to one location to be distributed to participants

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