Drum Cafe North America create magical musical performances for all types of events


Education provides the fertile ground in which to cultivate a brighter future!
In addition to the corporate team building and entertainment events we do, we have designed programs for faculty and students of all ages.

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School is Where Hope Lives

Our specialized educational programs focus on encouraging respectful attitudes and developing critical skills for academic and overall life success.
Group drumming and rhythm activities foster positive social behaviors like respect for self and others, responsibility, communication, and cooperation, which are the foundations for healthy relationships. Participants actively listen to those around them, find their own voices, and create music together. In this very natural and enjoyable way, students practice these fundamental and indispensable social skills.
Our talented facilitators come to classrooms, theaters, and gymnasiums with percussion instruments for every student to play. We incorporate elements of arithmetic and geography in programming for the younger students, and we advocate for anti-bullying and diversity appreciation for the older ones.
But these lessons of respect for self and others, responsibility, integrity, and self-discipline are not limited to the student population. We have also developed impactful interactive programs and workshops for school faculty and administrators!
Open your classroom doors to the Drum Cafe experience to boost morale on campus and ignite school spirit!

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Kids’ Interactive Drumming Session

Our Kids’ Interactive Drumming Session (K.I.D.S.™) is a captivating learning experience, designed specifically for children from kindergarten through 7th grade. The program expertly weaves elements of geography, social studies, language arts, and mathematics together with an engaging and interactive performance that is nothing less than thrilling. Each and every student gets a drum to play! Whether it’s an intimate group of 20 young people or an assembly of 2,000, all participate lending to the power of the kinesthetic learning experience and youth team building.

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