Deeper Dive Leadership Development

High performance teams live and breathe a commitment to excellence.
We believe in Experience.

Leadership Development

Blue Fire Leadership works together with Drum Cafe North America to provide customized team and leadership development programming – from two hour sessions through to multiple days.  Leadership and team development are synchronous processes. We help you establish a culture where leaders are trustworthy, effective, and engaging, and where team members align, innovate, and commit.

We hard-wire concrete skills and behaviors for excellence – in real time. Our training is simulation based, immersive and experiential. When your people directly experience learning, it sticks. That’s the foundation for achieving excellence and high performance, and it’s what we live by.

In the American Management Association’s Critical Skills Survey, 21,115 managers and executives, across a spectrum of industries, detailed the critical skills teams really need to succeed:

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Communication Skills

Collaboration Skills
Creativity and Innovation Skills

The Following Proven Learning Process is Built Into Every Program:

  • Education: Introducing the ideas and facts pertinent to the skills – building readiness.  Education puts the facts in place: makes the case, readies the intellect.
  • Training: Practicing information/skills in simulation-based training – relevance and synthesis.  Training hard-wires the skill development (behavior change) through the use of simulations – fully customized or a combination of customized and our existing modules.
  • Coaching: Receiving ‘in the moment’ support brings the information/skills to work – sustainability.  Coaching assures the skills are functionally integrated and practiced in the day-to-day workplace reality.


Our entry-level process for an up to 4 hours (half-day) program

Infuse ignites behavior change and thinking shifts. In just 4 hours you will see your learning objectives activated and deeper learning taking place.

  • Agenda is customized for your objectives
  • 3 simulations targeting objectives (vary with group size and venue)
  • Skilled debrief to mine immediate, concrete learning take-away’s
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Our intermediate process for an up to 8 hours (full day) program

Engage deepens the learning process and sets the stage for sustained excellence and high performance to emerge. It provides the context to initiate real skill development and behavior change.

  • Agenda customized for your objectives
  • Up to 6 simulations targeting objectives (simulation options vary with group size and venue)
  • Skilled debrief to mine immediate, concrete learning takeaways
  • Action planning to ensure learning is taken into daily workplace practice
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Our comprehensive process for an up to 3-day immersive

Transform unlocks your team’s power; it generates the energy for enterprise-wide activation of a truly successful, high-performance culture. Transform moves team potential into empowered action.

  • Agenda customized for your objectives
  • Survey of leadership to target learning and focus
  • Up to 12 simulations targeting learning objectives (simulation options vary with group size and venue)
  • Didactic processes for learning synthesis and personal accountability
  • Skilled debriefs to mine for immediate, concrete learning takeaways
  • High-performance workbooks for each participant
  • Action planning for ensuring learning is taken into daily workplace practice
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