Drum Cafe North America Partners with blue Fire Leadership to achieve the Extraordinary

Drum Cafe North America and Blue Fire Leadership collaborated in the design and delivery of a two-day Global Summit for Universal Music Group’s HR Function. We used rhythmic and non-rhythmic modules, as well as specifically designed content and customized simulations to address UMG’s major pain points.

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With a greater sense of collaboration and inter-dependency within the HR team, existing gaps were bridged to strengthen interpersonal connections and improve overall productivity. A deeper understanding of their own self-awareness, what it takes to build trust, as well as a new found respect for their individual differences, allowed for a positive and intentional transformation to occur.

Participants walked away from this two-day immersion busting the silos of cynicism and opening up new pathways for discovery and expansion as a team.  Increased awareness led to greater team achievements, deeper respect for one another, and stronger bonds of trust.