The Rhythm of Communication


In music, there is tonality and there is rhythm; two elements that work together to communicate emotion. In human discourse, words act as the rhythm while body language is the tonality. Each must work in harmony to evoke communication that is readily understood. Have you ever met someone who gave you a compliment while they were standing with arms crossed and without making eye contact? I bet you felt conflicted because the communication felt insincere, right? But, it sounded somewhat ok. That is because the rhythm of the words and the tonality of the body language were not in alignment.

Drum Cafe North America Blog Post

When addressing the dynamics of communication, whether in the corporate world, at school or at home, it is critical to assess both verbal and non-verbal communication cues. In our practices at Drum Cafe North America, such as our Symphony of Rhythm program, we facilitate group drumming activities in corporate team-building workshops as a meaningful and engaging way to bring awareness to the rhythms and tonalities of communication without bristling another’s defenses. We guide individuals to connect and operate as a singular, cohesive team by inviting them to explore their own communication styles through the music of drumming. By providing this forum rather than offering the typical analysis of direct and potentially harsh feedback, we enable individuals to realize their own patterns and those of their colleagues. Through body language alone, we teach, it is easy to spot the soul who is comfortable in a room; who is excited or bored or even who is anxious and fearful.

By inviting individuals to communicate using a different medium—in our case, the drum—we help them better understand their overall challenges and triumphs when trying to convey ideas and thoughts in a much more effective and successful manner.

Helping to build teams through the rhythm of communication enables better alignment and purposeful shifts in behavior to create more open communication and collaborative environments.

Are you looking for experts in team building and leadership development? At Drum Cafe North America and Blue Fire Leadership, we offer customizable programs to align your teams, build more effective communications, instill positive and transformative change and create one united organization poised for excellence.