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With the holiday season in full swing, we know how many moving parts exist behind the corporate scene. To many people, the holiday season brings profound joy and happiness, while others perceive it as a highly stressful and somewhat lonely couple of weeks. 


Whether you’re in the office or sitting at home, we know this time of year is filled with deadlines, Q4 targets, holiday parties, decorations, shopping trips, and a huge increase in distracted and unmotivated team members. 

One of the most important action items during the holiday season is giving back to your people and celebrating a year well done. Most companies will throw the typical annual holiday party where they splurge on the best food, unlimited alcohol, jaw-dropping decor and of course, an incredible venue to showcase how much they value their people.

Other companies will show their gratitude through a small gift, maybe tickets to a game or perhaps, a card from the boss with some nice chocolates.

Either way, what you’re paying for isn’t a night to remember, it’s purely something to be talked about for weeks to come.

Why not gift your top-performing teams an experience? Rather than giving a traditional office gift this year, consider offering an experience with food, drinks and laughter combined with music, rhythm and drumming.

Your team will receive a thrilling event, and they will walk away with lifelong skills. It’s the opportunity to participate in something so much more meaningful this holiday season. Gift an experience of a lifetime rather than simply giving an item.

What’s more valuable to you, a night of drinking or a day full of memorable activities where you get to create memories and build stronger bonds with the people you see nearly every day?

 Ignite the holiday spirit with Drum Cafe North America. Contact us to explore options that are highly-customizable and the right fit for you.