Ubuntu: the rhythm of connection: Natalie Spiro at TEDxFiDiWomen

In November of 2012, I had the opportunity to deliver a TEDxFiDi talk, “Ubuntu: The Rhythm of Connection.” In the 17-minute presentation, I was able to utilize the power of group drumming to illustrate the concept of Ubuntu and help attendees develop a deeper understanding of their connection to the world around them. Ubuntu means, “I am who I am because of those around me.” Nothing illustrates that point more clearly than group drumming. We have connections to other people each moment of the day, whether that connection is positive or negative is another story. What we aim to do using drumming is to help individuals find the Rhythm of Connection with others in a positive way.

Drum Cafe North America Natalie Spiro TEDx Talk

Since the TEDx talk, I’ve had many opportunities to deliver my keynote program for corporations around the US from San Francisco to Chicago. With each organization, the program has a slightly different goal. Whether we’re introducing new hires to the corporate culture, launching a diversity and inclusion program or inspiring senior leadership, Drum Cafe North America has been really busy bringing the concept of Ubuntu to the corporate arena’s across every industry vertical.

In more recent months, my TEDx talk has continued to inspire my development of new workshops on the rhythm of connection, innovation, trust, and communication, and just what all this means for shifting corporate culture. I’ve been overwhelmed by the tremendous response to my latest programs, including my two-day Leadership Summit, partnering with BLUE FIRE LEADERSHIP, in which teams of leaders and individual contributors, gain a stronger understanding of their dynamics, of how they can be a more cohesive and high performing force. Celebrating thought leadership at the TEDx conference has not only helped me to further establish myself as a leader in the corporate team-building world but also to dive deeper into what I already offer and take it to the next level.