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How exactly does a group event work when participants are separated by distance?

Drumming the Distance is not new to us – here’s how we did it in six remote sites simultaneously.

The Federal Reserve approached us because they wanted to do an all-hands meeting and that had 200 participants in the Atlanta Federal Reserve Office plus five other smaller offices in a variety of other places including Florida & North Carolina.

We began by coordinating drums to be sent to all locations and arranging AV connections between the six locations. A person in each location was in charge of the video conferencing equipment and was there to make sure that the AV ran smoothly, and the sound worked and the visuals worked.

We took all the 200 people who were in the Federal Reserve Building and we put them in the canteen. We had set up the canteen with a drum on every chair.

At the back of the room was a large video screen and on that video screen, there were five different blocks. Each block represented one of the other offices.

We started the event in Atlanta and all the other locations started at exactly the same time, so we had a rhythmic connected, real-time opening.

Each one of them heard me perfectly clearly, heard my team, and the music coming from the Atlanta office perfectly clearly.

I engaged with each one of those five offices by going into the audience and speaking directly to them via the screen because they could all see me and I could see them.

I would integrate each group with a drum roll welcome for each office, bringing them into the engagement so that they felt completely part of the engagement, as did those people who were sitting in Atlanta.


What was Kaiser Permanente hoping to achieve?
Kaiser Permanente was launching their newly curated KP Leadership University program. They were searching for something to get their participants jazzed by means of an extremely energizing and holistic approach. They envisioned this launch to connect their participants with Kaiser Permanente’s vision and essential elements of their newly launched leadership program while also connecting these carefully chosen recipients to each other. Beyond this, an element of surprise was an absolute must to not only excite their audience but boost the experience to further mark this program as a differentiator for KP and for the inaugural class.

Drum Cafe North America Programs

Why did KP choose Drum Cafe North America?
Drum Cafe North America was a natural choice as Kaiser Permanente had previously experienced Natalie Spiro, our President & Founder, along with the rest of our tribe.

KP understood the power that DCNA creates in a group as well as our unique ability to both understand and convey powerful messaging catered to their organization’s vision and newly launched leadership program.

Kaiser Permanente entrusted DCNA as we set a high standard for energizing and enhancing team building activities and tactfully curated a highly customized program. The experience as a whole was one that was both visually stimulating and brilliantly entertaining.

Final Outcomes:

It is said here most meaningfully by KPLU Director of L&D and Executive L&D, Laura Dannels:

We had absolutely RAVE REVIEWS from our sponsors Julie Miller-Phipps and Annie Russell at the Drum Cafe North America. Natalie did such an amazing job of weaving our business objectives throughout the content and the participants had an amazing time!! I would highly recommend bringing in Drum Cafe North America for any of your needs. She understands leadership and is able to weave your specific themes throughout any program.

We are planning to use them annually for the KP Leadership University Program all SCAL managers will be attending, Activate.